The Liverpool Tutor Company knows in times like these a career change could be the best thing for you, and so we want to help you get your dream job. For those of you looking at Nursing, Teaching or the Uniformed Services, look no further than a GCSE Equivalency exam. They are used in place of a GCSE for those of you who don’t have one, and our partner MME is a leading provider for them. From revision to tuition, ourselves and MME can offer you everything you need to get over the last hurdle stopping you getting your dream job.

For all the information you need, the dedicated GCSE Equivalency page below will be able to help you make the decision that could change your life:


I’ve never sat a GCSE Equivalency, how does the exam work?
The video below will be able to tell you exactly how the exam is conducted:

I want to book a GCSE Maths Equivalency, how do I do that?
You are able to book into a GCSE Maths Equivalency exam at the link below:

I want some more information about GCSE Equivalency before I book, where can I find it?
All the information about GCSE Equivalency can be found on the dedicated page linked below:

How much would it cost for me to sit my GCSE English Equivalency?
The GCSE English Equivalency starts from as low as £159 but the price can vary. Please visit the link below to get more information about the prices:

I don’t have a GCSE Science qualification, do you offer an equivalency in this?
Yes, MME now offers GCSE Science Equivalency on their website:

I like to do papers for my revision, do you have any of the past papers available online?
GCSE Equivalency past papers and revision materials can be found here:

I’m sitting the GCSE Maths Equivalency and want some test papers for revision, do you have any?
Yes, you are able to purchase GCSE Maths Equivalency test papers from the link here: