If you require a GCSE or a GCSE equivalent qualification in English or Maths then City & Guilds functional skills exam board provides people the option to take IT, English and Maths exams. You might require these qualifications for higher education or employment. The functional skills exams that the City and Guild exam board provides have been approved by the UK government since they have been checked and regulated by Ofqual. This means that employers, course providers and Universities accept this qualification. If you are looking at teacher training courses, you might want to check with the establishment beforehand to see if they accept this qualification since some prefer equivalency tests.

Liverpool Tutor Company supplies one to one tutoring sessions for Maths and English functional skills. We can help with past papers, any topic knowledge you are struggling with and using your knowledge and applying it to the exam questions. The tutor company will help you during your session, if you wish to have one, with any problems you are facing. There are two different ways that you can sit your exam. The first way you can sit your exam is at your local testing centre where it’s a paper format. The second way you can sit the City & Guilds functional skills exam is online, you can book it via the MME functional skills service. If you need more details about the functional skills exam, contact MME and they will help you and they can also supply you with City and Guilds practice papers.