People who are preparing for a GCSE maths equivalency test have the opportunity to use MME’s resources to help them. Here at Liverpool Tutor Company, we help with providing revision for the test during the one to one sessions. MME also provides other exams such as English and science GCSE equivalency tests.

The equivalency test reflects the curriculum that the government has set. The specification for the curriculum is given to the exam providers which you can ask to see. Most learners that take the maths equivalency test are looking at applying to teacher training or nursing courses but have successfully gained the qualifications to be accepted onto them. The qualification is beneficial since it is convenient and can be taken at any point when you feel ready.

Exam Booking

To book your maths GCSE equivalency test, you can go online and use the system to book it yourself or you can contact MME who can book the exam since they are one of the leading exam providers.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers

If you need any revision materials to help prepare you for the exam, we believe that the mock papers are the most useful. Our reason for this is due to the exam style questions in the maths equivalency test practice papers and how they reflect the actual paper. Royal Mail will deliver the mark scheme and the mock paper to you and once you have taken the exam, you can look to see if you have any area you need to go over.