At the Liverpool Tutor Company, We aim to help learners and students of all ages through our tutoring service. We provide support for everyone in all the core subjects like Science, Maths, and English. For the past few months a major focus of ours has become supporting learners in gaining their Functional Skills Maths and English level 2 qualifications. This option has become much more popular as it is a great alternative to the traditional GCSE qualifications route.  With the demand increasing across the country, we ask the local services to help. With this increase in popularity, we ask that the local services help us handle this demand. Especially with a specific focus on the services for Functional Skills Level 2 in London.


One of the great things about the Functional Skills Level 2 is that it can be taken at any time a learner feels ready so it is accessible to everyone, while the actual GCSE exams are only available a couple of times a year. It also helps that the amount of topics are less in comparison to the GCSEs which makes the revision process easier. This may also result in obtaining the qualifications in a shorter amount of time. This can be very important for those who are looking to get a GCSE equivalent grade C before a deadline for job applications or Universities. Despite having coverage in many local areas, we unfortunately don’t have a nationwide reach for the service. As we still do get many requests from different parts of the country, we partner with many services to try and facilitate Functional Skills support to all learners around the country. Many of the recent requests for tuition support have been from the London area. Please see our partner services to get Functional Skills level 2 English and Maths support in London


This service is a great way to find a tutor in the local area and to book a functional skills exam centre in and around London. Past papers, revision guides and other revision materials are also accessible through their website. Here at the Liverpool Tutor Company, we support those in the Liverpool area in their tuition and obtaining functional skills qualifications.