At the Liverpool Tutor Company we understand how important it is for students to get the best education so that they can proceed in their studies. A great qualification that is only growing in popularity is the functional skills courses. These English and maths courses are equivalent to GCSE grade C which is a requirement for many Universities and some employers. It can be used for getting into Universities and jobs but also for apprenticeship programs. It’s also great with the flexibility it has for people who have busy schedules. Whether you are looking to proceed into higher education like nursing or just simply increase job opportunities, functional skills courses are essential for your applications. 


A very important thing to remember when looking through the numerous different functional skills course providers is to make sure that they are Ofqual regulated. The courses that we recommend to learners are Ofqual regulated. They also have a great record in terms of success for many learners. In these courses, students will be put through many different exercises about the many different topics within a subject. Practice questions and exam questions will also be provided along with video tutorials so that everything is covered thoroughly.


Frequently asked questions:


Can I take the course from my own home?

Yes, you can take the functional skills courses from the comfort of your own home.


Can I use functional skills qualifications to get into University?

Yes, these qualifications give you the opportunity to proceed into higher education at University.


What is the functional skills level 2 equivalent?

Functional skills qualifications are equivalent to a GCSE grade C or level 4.


How long do the courses usually take to complete?

The recommended time to study maths and English is 50 hours each so in total around 100 hours is recommended.


Do many people pass the functional skills courses you offer?

Yes, the pass rate is high. As long as you focus and study well, the chances of you passing are high.