What are Functional Skills? 


Functional Skills are a form of maths and English qualifications that can be used to enter higher education, jobs and improve your applications. These are particularly handy for those who need qualifications but do not have a lot of time free in their busy schedules.


What are the Functional Skills qualifications used for?


To get into many different jobs and Universities, qualifications can be very important. They can be used to apply for jobs that may require some forms of qualifications or for those wanting to proceed in their education. Especially those who are wanting to have career paths in certain roles like nursing and teaching for example. Functional Skills are a great option for everyone.


What is the passing grade for Functional Skills?


With Functional Skills being a pass or fail qualification, this means that you are not given a number or a specific grade. It is simply pass or fail. The pass mark for maths and English is usually 50%-60%, and as long as you get enough you will be awarded with the qualification. 


How do I register for a Functional Skills qualification?


Ofqual regulated exam centers like Pass Functional Skills are the ones you need to contact about registering. They will take you through what and how to prepare for the exams and offer you the assistance that you may need. They will also ensure that the certificate you receive will be accepted by all jobs and major Universities. 


We at the Liverpool Tutor Company want learners of all ages to get the best service when getting their qualifications. If you are looking for ways to earn Functional Skills qualifications in Liverpool or want advice on how to proceed, feel free to get in touch and we will help you as much as we can.