Liverpool tutor company provide an exceptional tuition service with aims of assisting learners prepare for their maths exams, We have a large amount of highly educated tutors who will help learners achieve their desired qualification, we prepare students by giving them 1-to-1 tuition, each teacher works towards giving their students the best revision material and educational knowledge that they need in order to be successful during their exams, this preparation is a key aspect in making sure the student feels confident going into their level 2 maths exam.


Functional skills level 2 in maths is a GCSE equivalent grade that helps to learn and improve essential skills that are required for further education, job prospects and daily usage. Many employers and education providers look for this qualification before accepting a student or employee. When it comes to organization a very hard thing to do is prepare revision material. The only revision material students need to prepare for their functional skills level 2 maths exam are the MME functional skills maths level 2 revision cards They are available to purchase on the MME website. 


Functional skills revision cards can be taken wherever the learner goes providing them with easy access and up to date revision material, they come with a question on the flip side so the learner can test their knowledge  whilst also improving on each topic as these revision cards come in an organized colour coded and numbered card pack making it easy for the learner to work through them. Working through revision cards have been proven to build up topic memory so when the learner reads through them they will remember key information for their functional skills maths exam making these revision cards an easy and worthwhile purchase during their Functional skills maths exam preparation.