At the Liverpool Tutor Company, we are delighted to offer you Equivalency Testing whether you are just wanting to obtain GCSE equivalency or because you are a trainee teacher and wanting to gain entry onto a PGCE route or a prospective student wanting to enter onto a nurse training programme.

We have specialised tutors available to help you with your equivalency tests as we have found that if you haven’t studied these subjects for a while, they can be quite challenging to pick up and understand. Each of our tutors are experienced with these courses, all of which closely follow the current UK GCSE curriculum. To go alongside our one on one tuition we can also offer a vast variety of revision materials. We can offer you past papers and mock papers with the mark scheme, an online revision platform, flash cards and revision books. Whichever subject you choose has a different range of revision materials.

As well as offering tutoring, our tutors can offer help and support with revision tips, timetabling and the best ways to prepare for exam day. Due to the way these courses are set out, you can take them any time of the year, whenever is best suited to you.

They are taken in the comfort of your own home under strict exam conditions so they are accessible to everyone.


If the GCSE Equivalency courses are of interest to you, get in contact with us at The Liverpool Tutor Company!