Liverpool Tutor Company will soon be providing information about Numerical Reasoning Tests and Aptitude Tests to help people prepare for Graduate scheme jobs, police tests, fireman tests as well as Maths tests for nurses. Stay tuned for updates and information on Numerical Reasoning Tests

Further to our recent news, Liverpool Tutor Company is happy to announce that we have updated our numerical reasoning offer. Whether you are preparing for the KPMG numerical reasoning test or are looking for practice numerical reasoning tests then Liverpool Tutor Company can help. Contact us today for more information about our numerical reasoning test tutors and how we can help you to pass your exam.

The numerical reasoning test is quite a tricky test as it requires people to be sharp with their mental arithmetic and your knowledge of percentages and ratio has to be strong. One specific test, called the professional numeracy skills test has to be taken and passed by those on the Teach First program but also anyone who wants to become a qualified teacher in England or Wales, regardless of which access route they take. As far as numerical reasoning tests go, the QTS Maths test is a little different as the first 12 questions are audio questions which require you to have quick mental Maths skills. At Liverpool Tutor Company we can help people pass their professional numeracy skills test by providing expert qts maths tutors in Liverpool.