At Liverpool Tutor Company we like to make sure people are prepared for their English equivalency test. We strive to offer our utmost assistance through providing professional English tutors and recommending the best resources.


To help learners be prepared for any exam, acquiring access to the greatest resources is important and equivalency tests are no different. The most essential resource for students is past papers, you can access the GCSE English equivalency test past papers pdf from this page. You can either view them online or download the pdf exams. As well as the past paper example you can access the mark schemes to better understand what the examiners are looking for when grading papers. At Liverpool Tutor Company we recommend that learners use these GCSE English equivalency practice papers to help improve preparation for the test along with the other resources.


In  addition to these resources our tutors offer the utmost support for the English Equivalency test. The tutors will work through the required content providing insight to what is needed to pass the exam. The majority of learners only require a level 4 to move into their prospective training courses. Once enough learning has taken place the tutors will encourage the learners to move onto the GCSE English equivalency test past papers and get a real feel for what the exam is like under exam conditions.

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