Here at Liverpool Tutor Company, we want to help as many students as possible regardless of their background or ability in school. Entry level 3 maths is something that learners may have to study to progress with functional skills maths qualifications. Not only do we provide support for students, but we also assist tutors and teachers with additional resources to use. 


You can be assured that the entry level 3 maths revision materials we provide covers the whole curriculum for students and teachers. Everything you need to learn is there and ready for you to begin revising. The topics can range from Addition and Subtraction to Scales and Tally Charts. It is a great tool that will prove to be a very useful introduction to all the subjects . You can click through the revision notes where you will find practice questions, model solutions to engage yourself more with the topic. On the page, students will also be able to access worksheet papers to experience tough questions. Not forgetting that there are mark scheme answers to check how well you may have done in the worksheets. This is a very important piece of the revision materials as it provides students with a way to realise what subjects they may be strong in and what they may be struggling with. 


Also with the entry level 3 maths resources, there are the entry level past papers. These are great as they give students the opportunity to experience exam-like questions and give them an insight into what they may encounter in the final exams. This can also build a students confidence so that they can proceed to setting a date to take their exams, believing that they will pass. After the entry level, students can then proceed onto functional skills maths. It is encouraged that everyone progresses through each level but that also depends on them individually and whether they want to do that or not. Regardless, we will be here to assist everyone getting through their functional skills levels.