Here at the Liverpool Tutor Company we make sure that all learners are prepared and equipped well to take and pass their exams with minimal issues. A subject that tends to be a problem for many students is GCSE maths. For everyone to have the best chance of passing, we provide all learners with the best learning materials and resources available. One of the most popular materials these days are the GCSE maths past papers. They are great for getting students up to speed and prepared for examinations.


The main goal of the GCSE maths past papers is to give you an opportunity to measure your ability in the given subjects. Making sure that learners know how strong they are in certain areas is a very important part of efficient revision. If you are struggling with certain parts of a subject, these past papers will represent that and give you a guide in what you should be focusing on when studying. You do not want to be spending too much time on the topics that you are already strong in while you have subjects that could use improvement. It is also important to take multiple different papers to highlight other gaps in your knowledge that need improvement. At the same time it will show how much progress you have made with the other subjects you have been studying as well. It is also perfectly fine to use other past papers from different exam boards with GCSE maths as most of them have many similarities. This is unlike the GCSE English and science that may have many differences. Here are a few exam boards that you can look to for practice papers.  



If you are looking for additional practice papers that you may receive through delivery, we recommend GCSE maths predicted papers. For more information, get in touch.