Every person that pursues their dreams, will most likely need some sort of qualifications to proceed. Here at the Liverpool Tutor Company, we support learners of all ages in their journey in gaining qualifications for career progression or just more job opportunities. A GCSE equivalent alternative that is very popular right now is functional skills. This is mainly because it is great for people of all ages especially adults who may have other everyday responsibilities to attend to. The accessibility is a key aspect of these qualifications.


An important part of good revision is getting the best resources and study materials. A great way to start studying is with a book. The functional skills maths level 2 book provides a great amount of content to give you the best chance of learning everything you need to in preparation for exams. It introduces you to the subjects and topics so that you have an idea of what challenges you may face. Getting the most out of the books and developing a consistent study habit can be critical in getting a pass mark. You can also test yourself and your understanding of topics with the practice questions that are in there as well. This is to identify whether your knowledge of a subject is strong enough to proceed onto the next. 

For many people Amazon is the best place to find these books and get them as soon as possible. There are many different resources out there that can only benefit you in the long run. Not only the functional skills level 2 maths books but there are also revision cards and past papers. If you want more information on the books and other materials, contact us today.